Prayer and Fasting


Why Fast?
The first key passage is: Matthew 6.16-18 where Jesus makes clear that it is an expectation of discipleship that fasting should occur

Important Notes

– No one should fast against medical advice e.g. diabetics

– Feeling hungry is not the same as being hungry.  Jesus’ 40 day fast was not miraculous

What is the purpose of fasting?

The second key passage is: Mark 14.38

Spiritual training is similar to physical training.

A reminder that prayer is not just an exercise for the mind, but entails our whole being

How should we fast?

Eliminate distractions

Making time

Alternatives include specific luxuries; one meal a day or carbon  £1 a day for 5 days

What Next?

Make your pledge to God (if you feel guided to do so)

What, when and how long?


  1.        One meal a day for five days
  2.        No bread or lunch for 10 days
  3.        Giving up lunch for as long as I can
  4.        Live below line £1 a day Mon-Fri
  5.        Miss at least one meal every day
  6.        Not nibbling in the evenings – making more quiet time
  7.        Live below line for a week after Pentecost
  8.        Miss one meal a day plus eradication of snacking