Christening at St. Andrews

If you are interested in having your child christened at St. Andrews, we suggest you visit the church for a Sunday service and speak to one of the clergy or our christening coordinator. You will be given a leaflet explaining our policy, which gives you a choice as to what kind of service to have. Whoever you speak to will take down your details and our christening coordinator will then make contact within the following few days to arrange for a visitor to come and see you.

You may wish to call our Parish Administrator (Julie Crow) on 07756 918847 or e-mail if you have any queries.

Christening services normally take place at 12 noon on Sundays, and bookings are usually made 2-3 months in advance.

If you do not live in the parish (please phone to check if you’re not sure about this), we ask you to contact the Vicar of the parish where you do live first. However, once you have done this, if you are still interested in having a service at St. Andrews, please do come and see us.

There is no charge for a christening service.