Anyone who lives in the parish, whether or not a worshipping member of St. Andrew’s, has a right to a funeral service in the church and to be buried in the churchyard (provided there is room).

We would be privileged to host your loved one’s funeral at St Andrews.

The service we offer is tailored to the individual, celebrating their life and everything they meant to those who loved them. We welcome music, poems and tributes that are special to you. We have the necessary technology to play music through a variety of media, while at the same time encouraging family members to speak if they feel able. Prayers will be said and there is an organist available if you would like one.

Costs are much lower than the equivalent service at Canley Crematorium.

Even if a service at Canley Crematorium is preferred, families generally find it helpful to have their own local clergy take the service rather than one recommended by the Funeral Directors. The Funeral Director will contact one of our clergy at your request, but you are very welcome to make your own contact should you prefer. The advantage of local clergy is the time they will devote to the service and to the family both before and after the funeral to ensure that a fitting tribute is paid to your loved one. They will also be familiar with local clubs/employers etc.

St Andrew’s Churchyard is a beautiful and very peaceful setting, much visited and much loved. Please follow the link for further details of our churchyard policy which indicates who may be interred.

We have outstanding aftercare including an annual memorial service and a bereavement support group.

For further information please contact the Vicar on 07588 576351 or or the church office at or 07756 918847