Inspirational Poems and Prayers

Here are some Inspirational Poems which may bring you comfort:


Lord, I remember the day when I surrendered my all,
I gave up my life so that I would do Your will.
To sacrifice all that was in my life
and to follow Your call no matter where it leads me.

To walk with You as You guide me through paths of uncertainty
never sure of where I would be led next.
Feeling You taking my hand as You reassure me
when I am feeling lonely or scared.

Even though the path sometimes seems long and weary
It is comforting to know that You are by my side
as we sometimes walk through a desolate wilderness
on a journey towards a place of hope and love.

I see the people that are placed on my path,
Some searching for answers or for a purpose in life.
People who are weary and broken
or those who are there to help and be a guiding light.

Sometimes we all come together to share our own experiences
Or You use us to give the lost a sense of peace and hope,
a light in what seems to be a place of unforgiving darkness
as they seek to find a place to rest and be loved.

Those of us who know Your love, also know of Your compassion
and even if they can’t hear You, You speak Your messages through us
of Your love, healing and forgiveness
and that if they open their hearts to You, You will give them all that they need.

And as we walk together with You by our side
always looking forward to the Kingdom of God
You tell us of the sacrifice that You had also made
so that we would be by Your side.

Dawn Easthope 30/06/2017


God’s Love
God’s love is like a beautiful rose
as it grows into a full bloom that never dies,
with a sweet and delicate fragrance
that fills the senses with glorious delight.

God’s love is like a gently flowing river
moving freely with strength and without limit
filling everything that it touches
and giving sustenance to all that lives there.

God’s love is like a soft warm wind
as it blows carefully between the trees,
giving life to all that receives it
and clearing the dead with ease.

God’s love is like an enormous old tree
full of strength and unwavering love,
protecting and nourishing that which lives within it
and sheltering them from the storms above.

God’s love is full of compassion,
a love that never fails.
All that He asks is what we follow Him
and never let our love for Him go stale.

Written by Dawn Easthope

Standing in the wilderness all alone,
nothing to guide me but my faith.
Nowhere to run or hide from the truth,
taking time out to seek my Father’s face.
A time of contemplation,
of facing the road.
Preparation for the life that lays ahead.
I could easily turn around and forget it all,
but I choose to face the future instead.
I know that the path that lies in front of me will be hard and painful at times,
but the strong faith which I have inside of me will comfort and hold me up for all of my life.

Written by Dawn Easthope

You came into my life when I felt lost,
shining like a beacon when I saw You on the cross.
I felt all of my pain suddenly disappear
as You reached out to me and took away my fear.

I feel Your love as You hold me tight,
washing away my tears as I try to fight,
the overwhelming emotions that threaten to show
but You tell me it’s alright to let go.

Release all your fears my tiny one
You said to me as I try to become
what You wanted me to be in times gone by
which I will now fulfil as I reach up high.

And I know that You will never let me go.

Written by Dawn Easthope

Lord help me find my voice
so that You can hear my song.
Help me find it in my heart
to praise You all day long.
Keep me from my troubles
and guide me to the light.
Hold Your lantern way up high
and walk me through the night.
Lord keep me in Your heart
and take my tiny hand.
Help me find Your treasures
as I walk upon this land.
And as the days grow longer
when I will grow more weary
Talke me in Your loving arms
so that I can feel You near me.

Written by Dawn Easthope

Lord, we feel Your power as You walk us through life,
giving us courage and fortitude as we fight with all our might.
Conquering our battles, be them great or small
Showing us compassion whenever we fall.
Sometimes we face heartache, but You’re there to hold our hands
leading us gently forwards into a bright golden land.
Holding us up as we struggle through strife
Picking us up when we falter through the night.
We believe in the power of You Lord, as we face uncertain times
giving us strength as we begin to find
the path though life that You have shown
us how to flourish and begin to grow.
You help us face and conquer our fears
and help us to brush away our tears.
You stand us up and hold us firm
as we walk forwards and start to return
to the way that God intended us to be,
a life where we are finally set free
from pain and conflict and troubles and strife.
A return to a more gentler life
where we are finally living at peace
and the fighting has begun to cease.
Where we can freely share Your love
and carry the message from far above.
A message of compassion, love and peace
of true faith, an excellent feast
shared with us by one who has given
His life so that we could be forgiven.
Lord, we love You for all You have done
given us Your life as God’s only Son.
You died on the cross to forgive our sins,
You gave us our lives so that we could begin again.

Written by Dawn Easthope


Father hear the prayer I pray
Give me patience everyday
Teach me how to seek and find
Quiet hope and peace of mind
Thoughtful in my words and deeds
Understanding others needs
Father may I always be
Patient as you are with me.

Written by a member of the congregation