Weddings at St Andrews

We would be delighted to take part in your special day. Please feel free to phone our Vicar, Rev Jo Joyce, on 07588 576351 to discuss your plans.

We are glad to marry anyone who lives in the parish or who has a pastoral connection with the parish e.g. parents live in the parish; were christened at St Andrews or used to live in the parish.

The standard fees for a wedding at St Andrews are available upon request and include organist. The fees are reviewed annually and are available in January for the coming year. We operate a first come first served booking system. You may be asked to share your day with another couple at a time two hours earlier or later.

St Andrews provides a glorious setting and a personalised friendly service. A marriage preparation day is offered in the spring to help couples prepare for the special day and the days after at no additional cost.

If you do not live in the parish (please phone if you’re not quite sure) and have no pastoral connection with St Andrews, you may still be able to get married at the church, but are likely to be asked to attend worship for six months in order to establish a connection.